Renewable Hydrogen² for Inland Waterway Emission Reduction

What We Do

Our main focus

To create a solid basis for the acceleration of hydrogen fuel cell powered inland vessels. Create a basis on which the shipping industry can significantly reduce their environmental footprint and remove emissions from their entire fleet in the future.

How Do We Achieve This

By demonstrating six commercially operated vessels. These vessels are of varying lengths and types ranging from 86 meters till 135 meters; container, bulk and tanker vessels. Working with standardisation of containerised fuel cell and hydrogen solutions.

The impact

The vessels within RH2IWER are representative of typical dry and liquid cargo vessels in the Rhine and Danube fleets, amounting to roughly 80% of the inland waterway fleet. Lessons learned  could be applied more or less directly to these vessels,  which would lead to a immediate reduction of the Green House Gasses to ZERO

Explanatory Animation Video

Envisage RH2IWER as it cuts through barriers on it’s way to a brighter and cleaner future.

RH2IWER Explained

Quote’s From Partners and Stakehoulders

We are thrilled to be a part of this ground-breaking initiative that will help to revolutionise the inland waterway shipping
industry. The lessons learned from developing fuel cell and hydrogen solutions for the inland waterway vessels in this project could be applied directly to
numerous vessels in Europe, which would immediately reduce GHG emissions drastically.

Jyrki Mikkola

Senior Scientist, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

I consider myself privileged to be a part of this groundbreaking project. It is set out to establish a new standard that many within our industry will aspire to. Also, I firmly believe it holds the potential to impart valuable lessons to other sectors as well. As we set off on this journey, I am eager to know what the future of this project holds in store. With our impressive consortium, the prospects are exceptionally favourable.

Laura Terlouw

Project Manager, EICB Expertise Innovation Centre for inland Barging

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News & Events

World Port Days 2023


In the heart of the global maritime hub, Rotterdam, the annual World Port Days 2023 unfolded from the 1st to the 3rd of September, once again showcasing its blend of dynamism, enlightenment, and entertainment. One of the consortium partners: EICB – Expertise Innovation Centre of Inland Barging, was there to promote the RH2IWER project to the wider public.

RH2IWER captured the imagination of many visitors and drew considerable attention from across diverse sectors, including the aviation industry. The combining of minds and projects, all fuelled by the promise of hydrogen, underscored the significance of fostering connections within the innovation industry.

These encounters went beyond mere networking; they were vital for sharing learning experiences. In the intricate balance of collaboration, potential lessons can be learned, enriching the innovation.

In a world where pioneering initiatives like RH2IWER moves us toward sustainable solutions, the World Port Days offered a poignant reminder of the power of partnership and knowledge exchange. As we reflect on these vibrant days in Rotterdam, we recognise that such gatherings are not merely events; they are catalysts for progress, shaping a brighter future for businesses and industries.